After a 6 month social media hiatus, Nicki Minaj is back and definitely stronger than ever. Ever since the release of “Chun Li” and “Barbie Tingz,” she has been in nonstop conquering mode, expanding her kingdom with her Timbs and heels on.

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In addition to her album, Queen, dropping August 10th, she teamed up with Future for their joint tour, NICKIHNDRXX. Not only has she been busy making moves musically, she’s reigning in every other aspect of the industry, including TV appearances, movie production and gracing the cover of Elle magazine.

During the interview,  Minaj went onto boast about how she believes Queen will be “the best album of the year.” She expresses that it’s her best work yet and her lyrical content will depict a stronger message for women this time around.


“Maybe I was naive, but I didn’t realize how many girls were modern-day prostitutes. Whether you’re a stripper, or whether you’re an Instagram girl – these girls are so beautiful and they have so much to offer. But I started finding out that you give them a couple thousand dollars, and you can have sex with them. I was like, Yikes. It’s just sad that they don’t know their worth. It makes me sad as a woman. And it makes me sad that maybe I’ve contributed to that in some way.”