Longtime industry songwriter Sayyi is here to premiere his latest single “Regardless” that drops tomorrow [Friday, June 15]. Saayi has penned music for some of your music industry faves and continues to put out music of his own as he rises to the top.

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Sayyi has a unique flow and wordplay combination that he plays with and has a keen ear for club bangers. His catalog is filled with songs to just vibe out, ride, or get crunk to. Although the content is more in- depth, “Regardless” is no different. “‘Regardless’ is a reassurance on blind faith in your vision.” says Sayyi, “After all, all we can do is control what we can control and let God deal with the rest”

Born on the South side of Chicago, SAYYI has hustled his way from the streets to the music industry. During his teenage years, his parents sent him to live in Africa where he found his inspiration to make music. When he moved back to America, he attended Columbia College in Chicago alongside his friend Jeremih that he toured, performed, and wrote songs with on a few tracks. From his youth in Africa, Sayyi has glo’d up to become a co- writer to songs like “Woo” by Rihanna and “Hold You Down” by DJ Khaled. “My project is simply about my journey to finding the ways of allowing my creativity to be my guide through my tribulations and celebrations in life…” says Sayyi,  “as well as letting my intuition be my answer”.


Sayyi has over 90,000 monthly Spotify listeners and even has a song called “Hands on It” ft. Migos and Sage the Gemini. He is definitely putting in the work to make sure he makes it to the top!

Do you want to hear more from Sayyi? Make sure you check him out and follow him on social media and don’t forget to check out “Regardless” available tomorrow on all streaming platforms. Check Out the Soundcloud link below.

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