Donald Trump granted clemency to Alice Marie Johnson following a meeting with Kim Kardashian. It appears the beauty mogul is taking on more prison reform cases, considering her success last time.

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She tweeted a New York Times article about death row detainee Kevin Cooper and urged Governor Edmund “Jerry” Brown of California to look at the DNA again to confirm Cooper’s innocence. Kardashian tweeted, “Governor Brown, would you be able to please test the DNA of Kevin Cooper?”


Cooper is serving time for a fourfold manslaughter that occurred in 1983, yet he claims he’s innocent and some legitimate specialists are wary of his inclusion in the killings. The writer of the thought piece that Kardashian shared proposes that there is confirmation that police may have messed with DNA.

“The evidence of police tampering is overwhelming,” New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof writes. “When lawyers working on Cooper’s appeal asked for DNA testing on a T-shirt believed to belong to the killer, the lab found Cooper’s blood on the shirt—but also something astonishing: The blood had test tube preservative in it! In other words, it appeared to have come from the supply of Cooper’s blood drawn by the police and kept in a test tube.”

Do you think Kardashian will eventually dip her hand in politics? Showing up on CNN’s The Van Jones Show this end of the week, Kardashian said “that’s not where I am” but she didn’t completely check off the possibility. “I figure never say never,” she answered.

Discussing the success of the Alice Marie Johnson situation, Kardashian explained, “I honestly saw that if I could use my platform just to do something for one person. It opens the conversation for so much more and for other people to want to do the same thing.” She added, “I just want to help, starting with one person at a time. I think sometimes if more people would just put their personal feelings aside and talk about really important issues that have to be discussed, then so much more can get done.”