Future EGOT-winning actor Lin-Manuel Miranda — that Oscar is coming, bro! — is back with the latest edition in his monthly Hamilton-themed #Hamildrop series. For the month of June, legendary Queens rap duo Mobb Deep are the starring guests, featuring one of the last recordings Prodigy was able to record with Havoc before his untimely passing exactly one year ago this week on June 20, 2017.

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“Boom Goes The Cannon…” also marks the first official posthumous release for Mobb Deep since Prodigy’s passing, so the song acts as both a honorary tribute and another flex of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s amazing knowledge and respect for Hip-Hop culture.

Here’s what Manuel had to say about the latest #Hamildrop in the official press release:


“I paid homage to Mobb Deep in ‘Hamilton ‘ by having Alexander Hamilton quote one of Prodigy’s most immortal lyrics: ‘I’m only 19 but my mind is old…’ They are New York hip-hop legends…I feel so humbled and grateful that Havoc and Prodigy not only came to see us at the Rodgers in 2016, but were inspired to create this track before Prodigy’s untimely passing last year. Their lyrics, as ever, paint a vivid picture of friendship and solidarity in the face of overwhelming odds. I’m unbelievably proud to present new Mobb Deep music in 2018. This one’s for Queensbridge.”

— Lin-Manuel Miranda


The song originally came together when Manuel invited both Prodigy and Havoc to the wildly-popular Hamilton play to get a look at how they inspired the Hip-Hop-themed Broadway production, which resulted in the production of “Boom Goes The Cannon…” as a tie-in to the performance of “Right Hand Man.” The standout verse of course comes from the dearly missed MC, as he raps effortlessly from the perspective of George Washington.

For Havoc, the opportunity was a huge honor. Here’s what he had to say in the same press announcement:


“It was an honor being part of the ‘Hamilton ‘ project just on the strength alone. I’m a huge fan of the musical; I am a history buff so it was right up my alley. This being one of the few last recordings I did with Prodigy definitely holds a special place in my heart and always will when I hear the record. Releasing the record now at this time of year after the passing of my partner in rhyme, Prodigy, is a great way to pay homage to him and continue not only Mobb’s legacy, but his as well. He’ll forever be my ‘right hand man.’”

—Havoc, Mobb Deep


Listen to the latest #Hamildrop “Boom Goes The Cannon…” in the video above, and check out the past and future Hamilton-inspired releases on the official web portal.

Enjoy this clip of Havoc sharing how he met Prodigy below. For this and more exclusive videos, stay tuned to TheSource.com

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