The last time the masses were blessed with new Rihanna tunes was back in 2016, with her eighth gem Anti. Now, after sealing several successful business endeavors and accolades, the pop princess is making in the studio crafting another chart-hitting bound make.

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Last Friday (June 15), the “Work” singer was a guest on U.K.’s Graham Norton Show and when asked by the show host if there was a chance she was dropping new music anytime soon, her response, highly playful targeted her fans revealing a strong yes. “Who sent you? I know one of my fans got to you Graham!,” joked Rihanna. She continued “I actually am in the studio and working on new music.”

As for a set release date, logically there won’t be any since she is currently in the studio, but the show host went on and asked Riri anyway in which her response was left in the wonders, “You’ll just have to wait and see.”


Overall, Rihanna has evolved into a mega multi-talent and staunch powerhouse. Just last year, coined after her surname she launched the Fenty Beauty cosmetics line which earned 72.0 billion amid the brand’s first month. Her acting career continues to levy up with her most recent role in Ocean’s 8, where she plays Nine Ball a skilled computer hacker who is behind the wise technology of a heist plot.

Watch the clip of Rihanna spilling the beans about new music, below!