Never one to back down from controversy, Samuel L Jackson is facing backlash over a tweet that some didn’t find so minty fresh.

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Despite the massive success of The Incredibles 2, Samuel L Jackson is in the headlines for a different reason. It is no secret that Jackson isn’t a fan of the current Presidential administration. When Donald Trump suggested his plan to arm teachers, The Avengers star voiced his opinion promptly and loudly via Twitter. Levying his trademark “Muthaf*kka,” Jackson left no minced words calling out the Donald’s own bravery and the idiocy of the plan.

Now Jackson is back and his criticism of the White House has expanded beyond the Commander-in-Chief by calling out Trump subordinates on the President’s recent birthday, however, not everyone was feeling the joke. In a recent tweet that rubbed some Twitter users the wrong way, Jackson offered some minty fresh flavor to those that serve closest to Trump.


The Nick Fury actor posted a picture of gag joke mints usually found at stores like Spencer’s.  Jackson insinuated that Mitch McConnell, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Manafort and others were spotted with “After D**k” mints and knee pads after a Trump birthday bash. Comedic shows like Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show have long criticized the loyalty of Trump’s inner circle, however, Jackson may have taken it to another level. He received some harsh criticism for the tweet, the most damaging from another member of the Hollywood community. reported that fellow actor Adam Baldwin responded in a now-deleted tweet, “Gay Shaming?” Insinuating that the harsh political joke was offensive to Homosexuals. Other responses varied from wondering if Jackson should lose his sponsorship with Capital One, while others seeing it as a metaphor for GOP’s willingness to service the President in any way possible.

Either way, Jackson kept his cool like his Jedi counterpart Mace Windu. Even in the midst of people reporting his tweet he found humor in the whole ordeal.

With all the confidence of a kingpin who can’t be touched, he announced, “hahahahahahahahahawhooooooo…. they just keep tryin…” Jackson no stranger to having his tweets reported, posted a similar account notice when he called the President out for flubbing the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner. Currently, at the time of this post, Twitter has not penalized Jackson for his posts that some may consider being hate speech.