It’s been a short three months since the release of Tyler Perry’s latest flick (Acrimony), but he’s already gearing up for another summer Blockbuster with Nobody’s Fool.

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Featuring a star-studded cast including Zika Sumpter, Amber Riley, Tiffany Haddish and Whoopi Goldberg, the Tyler Perry Studios film follows the lives of two sisters: Tanya and Danica. Tanya is a recently released convict who’s getting used to life on the outside while her sister Danica is busy trying to supplement her seemingly perfect life with a man she met online. There’s only one problem: Tanya thinks Danica is getting catfished.

Thus, Tanya makes it her mission to track down the man that’s playing her sister by any means necessary — whether that means planning a hit job (or two) or crashing a series of weddings — to find the man responsible for toying with her sister’s heart.


And when the girls can’t get it together, they can always look to mom (Whoopi Goldberg) to step in.

Nobody’s Fool hits theaters Nov. 2.