If you’re a UC Berkley student who has ever dreamed to take your Frank Ocean fandom to another level, you may get your chance soon.

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Two sophomore students, Preya Gill and her roommate Deborah Chang, came up with the idea once they learned their school accepts student-taught courses. The duo bonded over their love for the singer and proposed a course that examines his artistry called Brains Like Berkley. They described the course to the Fader as an “artistic history, upbringing, background, musical influences, artist identity, and the way he challenges dominant social concepts such as toxic-masculinity and gender politics.”


They explained to the Fader, “We want to encourage a deep literary exploration of his artistry both in lyrics and through his visuals and live performances. We hope to provide a safe environment where students can discuss his poetry and music with sensitivity, creative respect, and open-mindedness.”

Frank’s brother, Ryan, and his mother already showed his support for the class.

Lucky UC Berkeley students will be able to sign up for “Brain Like Berkeley” on the school’s website in August, according to the two women. For the rest of us, they “will consider live streaming options and posting our course material online to share with the world.”

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