Big Boi and André 3000 introduced many a folk to the joy of driving a Cadillac. Through two of their earliest albums, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik and ATLiens, this duo allowed ‘The Caddy’ to enter into their respective cypher as a sacred third member.

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And why not?

Everyone knows that driving a Cadillac is one of the coolest things anyone could ever do— and being intimately affiliated with one (your daddy got one, you know the guy down the street with one, your favorite rapper pulls up in it, or you happen to have one) is the apex of “g” ness.  OutKast are not the only ones that understood the mystique of this car, Three 6 Mafia, Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound, T.I. Big Krit and Slim Thug and a whole host of emcees have created odes to what some consider the most luxurious American brand.


So the question is… “What can make the Cadillac cooler?” Well, we are glad you asked.

This year, Cadillac rolled out a new model that will surely blow your mind with the coolest George Jetson technology ever. The new Cadillac CT6 features something called Super Cruise, which is the industry’s first hands-free driving technology. The feature can only be used on highways or expressways and not on regular streets. Which is great, because you can imagine how people would be stunting with this whip on the strip in their hoods. Super Cruise was made for long distance travel and daily commutes, allowing the driver to remove their hands from the steering wheels and do other things without the car loosing control, wavering on the road or hitting the car in front of you.  This might sound scary to the uber cautious driver, afraid that the lack on manual control might cause more accidents. Well, the engineers who designed this feature took that into consideration. There is a driver attention system in place that alerts the driver if they far asleep or is something goes wrong by shaking the seat, flashing lights, making noises and ultimately slowing down the car to shut off. The goal is not to just look fly, but to keep you safe.

This industry-leading technology is currently available on the Cadillac CT6 and will roll out to all Cadillac models starting in 2020.

Super Cruise is available as an option package on the Premium Luxury trim priced at $5,000 USD and standard on the Platinum trim at no additional cost. While the Premium Luxury trim is banging and sure to turn heads, the Platinum trim is just better. It has backseats that totally recline all the way back. If that is not just ballerism at its best, check out the back-reclining-seats that gives you a massage like the chairs in the nail shop when you get a pedicure. Just that swanky. Just that Jetson-ish.

While we know that OutKast may never reunite (we can hope and pray though, right?), we can take solace that Cadillac, the brand that they cemented in the Hip-Hop psyche as the car of choice, stands steadfast, and still leading the charge in dope ass car rides.