Maybe it was a troll job on TMZ or maybe he is really celebrating his first NBA Championship, but Nick Young is in the streets and will have a soundbite if you approach him with a mic. The Golden State Warrior was spotted outside of 1 Oak where he stated: “Everybody needs to do cocaine!”

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The Swag Champ was asked about the legalization of marijuana in the neighboring country of Canada before letting his wishes fly. “I want people to pass cocaine,” Young shared.

Nick Young didn’t let his opinions stop there, he was also asked about LeBron’s future and he stated he should remain in Cleveland before joking that he should be joined by Shaq and Dennis Rodman.


Young was one of the more active members of the Warriors victory parade last week as he interacted with fans throughout the route without a shirt, living up to the party reputation that he has. If last night was any indication, Nick Young definitely has more partying to do in this NBA Offseason.

Check out his wild moment below.