It always hurts to lose someone and the Hip Hop community lost a lot with the death of Prodigy. For his fans, Hav, helped the healing with some unreleased posthumous music.

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One year ago, Prodigy unexpectedly passed away and Hip Hop has been affected in a way that can’t be described. Havoc took to social media to give Heads two previously unreleased freestyles.

“We lost my partner one year from today,” Hav tweeted. “It’s Mobb Deep for life. Enjoy these unreleased freestyles.”


Both recorded in with DJ Absolut, the first track is called “Stay Chiseled Freestyle”, featuring P giving fans those unparelleled crime rhyme bars over Large Professor’s “Stay Chisel”–the original version of which featured Nas. “[We] Drink the most Henny and E&J,” P raps on the track. “We smoke the most weed and that’s mostly the haze / You get the most Timb boots kicked on a ni**a face / Gotta be the most idiot ni**a on the face of the earth to ever let the thought cross your head that we not the most likely to pop off, kid.”

The second unreleased freestyle is called “Thief’s Theme Freestyle,” which is over Nas’ “Theif’s Theme” (from Street’s Disciple). It features both Hav and P and also showcases that traditional P E-Double.