By now, we’ve all seen or heard about the extreme f-up that was the last two minutes in Game 1 of the NBA Finals — you know, that moment where J.R. Smith literally robbed LeBron James of his final-second winning shot moment. See below for a quick recap to refresh your memory:

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As the story goes, the Cavs lost and the Warriors won their third NBA Championship in four seasons — cementing themselves as the current reigning dynasty in the league. Many will remember this moment for some time, and by the looks of how much J.R.’s Game 1 jersey sold for recently, the anger Cavs fans hold for the disgraced baller will last for some time, too.

J.R. Smith’s player-worn jersey was sold for $23,548 USD in the official NBA auction, which is extremely low when considering his teammate King James’ jersey went for $100,322 USD. For even more perspective, LeBron’s Game 2 jersey is currently sitting at just over $40,000 USD with 29 bids and counting. J.R.’s Game 2 Jersey? $390 USD, with a mere 6 bids. Ouch!

To see all the jerseys currently on auction, head over to We hear things gets better, J.R…

Lead Image: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images