A community in the Bronx is looking for answers after a 15-year old was stabbed by a group of men and left to die after asking police for help.

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According to published reports, on Thursday (Jun 22) Lesandro Guzman-Feliz was stabbed in the neck following a dispute with a group of men. The teen then ran to the local hospital where he collapsed on the sidewalk after asking on-site officers for some water.

Guzman-Feliz reportedly lived one block from the bodega where the incident occurred and was heading downstairs to repay $5 to a friend, according to reports.


The awful act has been taken to social media where people are reacting to the news of violence and lack of support by onlookers and police on the scene.

Bronx native Cardi B weighed in on the incident calling out officers for being quick to “harass” residents but not help.

“These Bronx streets are ruthless .What piss me off the most is that these BX cops be harassing the shit outta people then they see a boy bleeding to death and ask what happen ?“uuuummmmmmmm??? How bout you call the ambulance like ya be calling for back up when ya see nikkas smoking in front of a building !!!!! People be like”call the police!” Call the police!!” But for what the operators be asking you questions for like 4 minutes on the phone with an attitude and the cops come maaa lateeee.”


Relatives hugged and cried at the scene describing the teen as a good kid and a typical teenager.

“All I can say was that he was a good kid,” sister Genesis Collado-Feliz said. “He just played Playstation. He played Fortnight. He played 2K, like every 15-year-old. He asked me for advice with girls.”

Police have released new surveillance video showing at least six people were involved in the attack, and shows the assailants fleeing in a white car.

Investigators say they are looking for several young men who are considered persons of interest in the case.

So far, there have been no arrests.