Mustafaa, professionally known as Chozus is a well educated creative superstar, emerging from the streets of The Bronx. His passion for music and business stems from his father Joe Dais, who has created a wealthy lifestyle for his family through Real Estate. Growing up in the projects during his early childhood years, Chozus saw how music had a strong impact on the lives of the people in his community, and quickly discovered how he can use his skills to keep his father legacy alive. He simultaneously inspired others to chase their dreams.

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After accumulating so much success as a straight A honor roll student through High School, Chozus was able to accomplish getting accepted to numerous Ivy League schools, Harvard being one of them, which is  rare to see most black men to accomplish from urban communities. This legend in the making went on to attend college at an Ivy League school in PA in which he received his first degree. His father Joe Dais invested a lot into Chozus education and took the time out to make sure he came out on top by being there every step of the way throughout his journey.

Furthermore, this incredible Hip Hop artist has been in his bag ever since then. He recently put out his first mixtape “Undefeated”, which received over 100,000 streams on iTunes, that I find to be outstanding. To put the icing on the cake, Chozus has been on the road touring with Asian Doll as one of her DJ’s while he shoots exclusive videos for his hit singles. His next project is in preparation and will soon to be released on all streaming platforms. Get down with the movement, Chozus is next to take the throne.