The NBA world is officially on LeBron watch as the Decision 3.0 is underway. The first date that will give the world a clue on where King James will go is June 29 when he will alert the Cleveland Cavaliers if he will pick up his $35.6 million player option. If he leaves, ESPN reports he does not want any elaborate presentations when he hits the free agent market.

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LeBron will be entering year 16 of his legendary career and according to the report, he feels the bells and whistles that have been a part of his first two free agencies will not be necessary this go around and the meetings would be limited to a potential sit down with a club official or owner. If LeBron is not the one to do the meeting it is believed his agents Rich Paul and Mark Termini will be on hand for the meetings.

Rumors and reports have been flying in regards to where LeBron may end up for the 2018-19 season. LakerNation is hoping King James comes West and with Kawhi Leonard appearing available, along with Paul George, Hollywood is hoping to cast their own Big 3. Other candidates for King James services are the Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets and his current team in the Cavs. The pitch from the Cavs began on NBA Draft night when their first-round pick Collin Sexton pitched to the superstar forward to remain home.


Aside from LeBron and PG13 as free agents, teams can shoot their shot at landing Demarcus Cousins, Clint Capela and more. It’s about to get fun on the market this summer in efforts to chase down the Golden State Warriors.