Legendary Virginian emcee Mad Skillz is back with a funky new single that definitely serves as a soundtrack to the summer.

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In the Whispers inspired video, Skillz keeps it funky and sexy as he introduces the world to yet another talent, his ability to hold a note. The smoothed out single features Skillz spitting those playboy bars before crooning on the hook, bringing together a well produced track that we are guaranteed to hear at every BBQ.

“You don’t wanna see my bad side / I ain’t showed that in a minute/Oh, that’s your girl, she the one right? / She’ll be gone in a minute / Two doors with the suicides / Taking off in a minute.”


Produced by DJ Buddha, Andrew “Hitz” Phillips, and DJ Class, and directed by Vizink, “In A Minute” features Skillz and his squad strolling thru downtown Richmond in suits and wigs, with old school moves to match.

In regards to the new direction, Mad Skillz told The Source exclusively via email that his intentions with the new single was an homage to one of his favorite groups and also a way to let loose.

”I always loved that Whispers video, so I always wanted to pay homage to that. I also wanted to have fun and not take myself too serious, you know? This is the first song I’ve ever rapped and sang on, so this is new for me as well. I had a ball doing it.”

Although Skillz hasn’t revealed if the track is a lone single or leading to a new project, one thing is for sure he has once again dropped a song that is guaranteed to making our heads nod.

Check out the single below.