There are plenty of celebrities with unwanted mug shots, but Rihanna is not one of them.

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According to TMZ, a woman was arrested at a Rite Aid in Beverly Hills last week, and tried to get out of it by saying her name was Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Anyone who’s familiar with the world famous entertainer knows that her legal name, so who wouldn’t believe her?

The woman, whose name hasn’t been identified, told officers she didn’t have her ID. They asked for her birthday, and she responded, saying February 20, which is also Rih Rih’s birthday.


Unfortunately, the woman slipped when she told them she was born in 1986. The real Rihanna wasn’t born until 1988.

Police never believed the woman in handcuffs was the Grammy award-winning superstar, but they were thoroughly entertained watching her try to convince them otherwise.

Officers ultimately cited the woman with a misdemeanor trespassing and let go.