Words by Kyra Donahoo

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The California-birthed streetwear killers, The Hundreds, teamed with Playboy for an inclusive collection that hones in on the magazine’s involvement in social justice, sexual revolution and activism. Being that both of the brands are crowned as heavy-hitters in their circle, the collection will be dripped up and drapped out. 



Featuring pastel-infused colorways and both company logos represented,  The Hundreds x Playboy drop satisfies the needs of all streetwear stand with subtle pop-outs. The collection consists of long-sleeve T-shirts, pullover hoodies, over-sized tees, as well as, beach towels and camp caps with Playboy’s deuces’-inspired logo. The hand raising peach sign represents Playboy’s influence in revolutionizing American culture and the challenges of conservatism in the ‘50s.

This must-have hypebeast collection will be available at The Hundreds’ online store, its LA location, the Agenda Festival and select retailers.