Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the poster boy of opulence, but this time his watch may just be the single most expensive item he’s ever bought.

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“This my new timepiece, it’s called The Billionaire Watch,'” Floyd brags. “If you don’t know about it, google Billionaire Watch.”


The Billionaire Watch is actually a thing, made by the world famous Jacob & Co., featuring 239 emerald-cut baguette diamond stones, each weighing up to 3 carats. Purchased from a Japanese jeweler named Tadashi Fukushima, Jacob’s description of the watch says “the tourbillon caliber brings dynamism to its bejeweled enclosure, or the ballet of light of 260 carats of diamonds illuminates its exquisitely revealed heartbeat.”

Mayweather says that he’ll never buy another piece of jewelry again in his life. With $18 million on your wrist, why would you have to?

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