Hip-Hop legend Ice Cube is used to making history, so when it comes to his Big 3 league and it’s rapid growth, nothing has changed.

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In an interview with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club, Ice Cube talks about the growth of his veteran league and dishes on his recent sponsorship with Addidas.

“The Big 3 is going great, Addidas came in and that great but we always want more sponsors. It some sponsors out there that’s slow to the party but they are going to catch on.”


Cube also announced that fans would now be able to watch the games live on FOX starting  June 29th.

“We are officially going live on FOX, starting Friday which is a great thing. We also have the first female head coach with Nancy Lieberman who’s doing big things and telling big baby what to do. [laughs]”

In regards to his music career, Ice Cube revealed that he plans to drop a new album soon that caters only to his core fan base.

“As rappers, we have to get into the studio and create, we can’t worry about who’s liking this or following that. You have a core set of fans that rock with you regardless and that’s who I am making my music for, the hardcore Ice Cube fans that have been rocking with me and keep me out here.”

Although Cube doesn’t give any more details about the album, he does drop some wisdom for artists on what it takes to have longevity in the game.

“At a certain point, you gotta do what you do, you can’t chase the trends. As a true artist, you have to just do what you do you should always do your art and be happy with it regardless.”

Check out the video below.