Earlier this week, Dame Dash publicly confronted Lee Daniels at a Diana Ross concert for never reimbursing him for the $2 million dollars he loaned him to fund his debut film, Shadowbox in 2005.

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Following the film, Daniels went on to direct Oscar-winning film Precious, The Butler, and the hit show Empire and STAR. In other words, he could’ve paid Dame back numerous times. Therefore, the music mogul is getting lawyers involved.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Daniels admitted that the confrontation made him “uncomfortable” but it also made him realize that Dame deserved to get his money back.


After my unprecedented Academy Award with Halle Berry, nobody [in Hollywood] was giving me money,” Daniels said. “Damon’s crazy a** was crazy enough to give me money for The Woodsman and for Shadowboxer.”

Dame has sued Daniels for $5 million, which accounts for the original $2 million plus interest. Daniels appears unconcerned and confident they’ll “squash it,” adding, “I feel good about it, he needs it right now and I’m happy to help him, ’cause he was helping me.”

Check out the interview in its entirety below:

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