Netflix took a moment to use their platform for more than just entertainment. Digging deeper, the streaming service took a minute and 30 seconds to create a powerful message, celebrating and honoring creatives of color who star in their films and shows. The company called on 47 actors, directors and creators such as Spike Lee, Nia Long, Rev Run and more to recreate the 1958 “A Great Day In Harlem” photo.

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The original photo was taken by Art Kane in black and white for Esquire magazine, featuring 57 famous musicians outside a Harlem brownstone. Kane referred to the photo as “the greatest picture of that era of musicians ever taken.”

The video was nothing short of influential and inspiring as the message was heard loud and clear.


“We’re not a genre because there’s no one way to be black. We’re writing while black. Nuanced and complex. Risilient and Strong. Today is a new day, broken from the ground, built by legends. A new day for our generation to see untol experiences of our blackness, representing a limitless range of identity, playing kings and queens of our neighborhoods. Defeating larger than life forces, trying to flip our world upside down. We stand up on any stage and every screen.”

Check out the video below: