Canadians will soon be able to order marijuana through the mail as part of the nation’s new legalization of recreational pot.

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Legislators in the country passed the Cannabis Act earlier this week, setting the country up to regulate the market in the coming months. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that legislation will begin on October 17. The country is the second to legalize the substance nationwide after Uruguay.

The federal minimum age for marijuana use in Canada will be 18, but some provinces are setting their own minimum age at 19, which is the drinking age in most areas. Provinces are also creating their own regulations regarding pot shops, home growing and taxes.


Medical marijuana, which has been legal in Canada for nearly two decades, has been available through the mail since 2013.

The country’s postal service said in a statement that it will deliver regulated recreational marijuana following the same policies, such as proof of age upon delivery.

Though nine states and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana, it is still against thr law to have it delivered through the mail in the U.S.