Precisely 30 years ago, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall delivered one of the most classic movies of all time when they starred in Paramount Pictures’ Coming to America.

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They combined social imagery of Blacks in America circa 1988 and comedic storytelling to portray the tale of a pampered prince in search of (real) love. The duo’s on-screen demeanor and sure-to-make-you-laugh chemistry ultimately allowed them to leave their imprint on a generation — and many more to follow. (Seriously, who can forget Vanessa Bell Calloway barking like a Chihuahua?)

While some would expect the film’s fanfare to die down — especially over three decades — the fan love continues to increase with every rental, rerun and reminiscent moment of the movie. And the actors are just as in love with their work as their always-growing audience.


Last March, Murphy tweeted — and then deleted — a famed throwback image of Vanessa Bell Calloway with a caption that read Coming to America sequel?

Though Murphy quickly removed the tweet, that didn’t stop fans from peeping the tweet and inquiring about what’s to come. Unfortunately, nothing’s been said since.

But there’s no real reason not to move forward with the project, especially considering its above $110 million-dollar profit from the film’s first release.

There’s no telling where things may go from Prince Akeem and Semmi, but below are six memorable scenes that might help fans keep hope alive.

“You’ve Grown a Mustache”

“Bark Like a Dog”

“We Go to Queens”

“Akeem Gets a Haircut”

“Akeem Meets Lisa”

“Unhappy Meal”

“The King Visits Queens”

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