Gucci is one of the many high-end brands currently adapting more of a sportswear look in their latest collections, and the Italian luxury house is definitely pulling out the heat for the Spring/Summer 2018 season.

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The latest pieces from Gucci’s SS18 set include a host of graphic-heavy designs, specifically in the case of the sweaters that incorporate Bugs Bunny and Snow White motifs. Also in the mix are bowling shirts, a “Never Marry a Mitford” knit pullover, a few all-over print tracksuits, and a standout short-sleeved button up that pays homage to the ’90s SEGA gaming console. They even find time to add some humor in as well, with select pieces playing on the brand’s popularity within bootleg culture by changing the spelling on the back to “GUCCY.” Nostalgia done right if you ask us.

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