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It is obvious that the lane Kanye West is favored by the Hip-Hop masses the most is in production. With his nostalgic samples, striking drums, and mastered melodies, West has managed to rise to prominence in the course of American music history. His many top hit collaborations confirm this, take his rather timeless makes with Talib Kweli, Alicia Keys, Twista, T.I., Rihanna, The Game, and Jay-Z. The success of most of West’s hits has a lot to do with the health of his relationship with the artist. In a recent interview, the legendary Method Man sat down with HipHopDX and compared his musical chemistry with his Wu brother RZA to the bond between Kanye West and Kid Cudi.

With West’s joint album with Cudi, Kids See Ghosts, in the spotlight of talk, the Wu-Tang Clan emcee expressed merriness over the album recognizing the appropriateness of Cudi’s lyrical labor over a Kanye beat. Meth describes the connection as primordial for Cudi due to the preferred approach displayed by Kanye and ultimately refers to his tracks with RZA as a similar experience.

“Good for Kanye and Kid Cudi. Good for them, ’cause that’s where it started. That’s his foundation right there, Kid Cudi. I think Cudi could bring that [the ‘old Kanye’] out of him. It’s like me getting back with RZA. It’s like something about that shit.  It’s just something about it. It’s not even his beats,” said Method Man. “It’s just his presence alone brings something else up out of me and I write my best shit. And like I said, it don’t even have to be his beat. It’s just, that motherfucker, you know? It’s like just being around that nigga.”


It is not a secret. Almost every single Wu-Tang Clan fan prefers to hear a Wu-Tang emcee spitting over an RZA production. The key to this alluring audible madness is due to the core fact that RZA owns a special bond with the emcees which is based on the ownership of alike minds, dynamic experiences, and cultural plea. Redman, the literal lead collaborator of Meth, added on to the West and Cudi comparison, enabling comfort as the key, “Yeah, being around the RZA now, that’s where it started from. We’re just comfortable.”