The Source caught up with Luke Cage star Simone Missick (Misty Knight), on her way her to her off-Broadway play, Paradise Blue in NYC.

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As a series recap, during Misty’s role on Season 1 of The Defenders, she lost her right arm to Bakuto when he sliced it off in the season finale. Preventing them from setting off bombs in the city. This is keeping true with the comics and starts Knight on her path of working with Colleen Wing as they become The Daughters of the Dragon. Losing her arm is very pivotal to the character and Missick took time out to discuss her character’s development in season 2.

The Source: So how did your character [Misty Knight] process being down a hand?


Simone Missick: Misty is a very confident physical woman. She’s a cop, plays ball, fights, shoots and her entire life has been built around the physical. After losing her arm to Colleen’s former mentor Bakuto, she loses her identity. Is she still a cop? How does she prepare for this new life? We are taught armed services members are prepared for dying, but you never think about being handicapped. She’s still trying to figure it out and she can’t let Harlem down.

How hard was it doing fight choreography one handed?

It was very difficult, I never did fight training. I did some Muay Thai kickboxing but putting my arm behind my back, it was hard. Fortunately, I had some help from “Sideswipe Matt” (Matt Mullins) a stunt coordinator and Alvin Hsing. It was a lot of drilling. But it was all worth it watching The Daughters of the Dragon fight. I did like 90% of my stunts this season. 

Are there any clues on who helps Misty get her trademark bionic arm? In the comics, it’s revealed to be Tony Stark (Iron Man) who has it built.

I don’t know if it would be a spoiler, but a very wealthy and powerful friend crafts her robotic arm.

How was the reception of playing a female black superhero?

Very positive reception. Before Black Lightning [TV], before Black Panther, before the obsession [with black superheroes] Luke Cage was on Netflix. Misty Knight was the first black female superheroes in Marvel, even before Storm (Her first appearance was in Marvel Team-Up #1 March 1972 as an unnamed woman and in Marvel Premiere #21 March, 1975 as Misty Knight; Storm debuted in May of 1975).

What does it mean to you to be able to play Misty Knight?

As a proud black woman, so it means something to play this role with her natural hair. Most black superheroines have long straight hair, so her character fits the natural styles of Harlem. And Fans online have responded with the hashtags #MistySoLit and the Instagram handle @MistyAfro.

I can’t wait for fans to take this journey with Misty this season. She goes from being depressed and disabled to stepping into her Superhero Status: the arm, the attitude, the ass-whoopings. It’s major.

What’s Misty Knight’s biggest obstacle this season?

[Concerning Luke Cage] They are partners this season, so together they have to take down Bushmaster and Mariah Dillard. Mariah is played by Alfre Woodard, who is such an amazing actress. She is so perpetually evil this season. She is the unapologetic “Queen Pen” of Harlem. Bushmaster, who played by Mustafa Shakir gave such a great performance physically and emotionally. He returns to Harlem to claim his birthright. He can fight, he is smart, he is captivating and powerful… oh and out of his mind insane. He is the Big Bad this season. He returns to take out Luke and Mariah. He takes nine shots to the chest and nothing happens if that’s saying anything.

Would you like to see Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)?

This season is about playing The Daughters of the Dragon. But, I would love a spinoff of The Defenders with Collen Wing (Jessica Yu Li Henwick). It’s all up to Marvel (The series already exists as a comic: Daughters Of The Dragon #1). 

To add on to that question, would You play the Misty Knight version of Captian America if it came up?

Of course!!!!

You said you were on your way to Paradise Blue, a play you have the starring role in, can you tell us a little more about it?

Yes, I’m headed to the show which is in its final week of performances. Paradise Blue is an off-broadway play, at the Signature Theatre. Dominque Morrisseau (who writes for the Showtime Network hit series Shameless) is the playwright of Paradise Blue. This is the show’s New York City theatre debut. I play a mysterious and wealthy woman named Silver from Lousiana, who moves to Detroit’s self-sufficient black community in 1949. There are doctors, nurses, lawyers etc., however, the mayor at that time got rid of the Black community and replaced with a highway. One of the main tensions of the plot, is gentrification gonna win?  Silver fights to keep it Black, but whats gonna happen? It’s great for a Black woman to have the power, money, and influence to fight for this community.

Luke Cage season 2 will be available is currently available on Netflix.