Drake’s Scorpion racked up millions of streams and broke records on both Apple Music and Spotify this past weekend when it was released but fans that will check it out for the first time or have it on repeat may catch a few differences as the 6ix God has made updates to the album.

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Hip-Hop N More reports Scorpion will receive a few minor tweaks, specifically to “In My Feelings” and “Talk Up”. The first track will have a swap of contributions from Lil Wayne. The original “In My Feelings” features Weezy’s classic “Lollipop” but will have new vocals from the legend in its place. On “Talk Up” there will be a better mix of Jay-Z’s vocals.

The trend of updating albums have received some controversy from the listening public and questions have arisen if it should be allowed for artists to be able to make post-release tweaks. The album that underwent the most notable edits was Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo but others are appearing to follow.


For those of you who have downloaded the album from your streaming service, you will need to delete the album and re-add it to your library for changes to be heard.