French Montana has to open his bank account and pay Debra Antney over $2 million as ordered by a Georgia court. The Blast reports Antney won a lawsuit against French Montana that dates back to last year.

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Those who are well versed in the Atlanta hip-hop scene will recognize Debra Antney as the mother of Waka Flocka. She was essential to the career of many of your favorite artists today and represented French at one point. The lawsuit was filed because Antney states French went behind her back on business deals in 2013, a time where Antney had French as a client. The judge ruled in favor of $1,999,588.41 to Antney and an additional $135,140.91 that was tacked on in January.

Everything isn’t bad news for French Montana. Last month he was granted United States citizenship, a process that Morrocan rapper had been working through since February of 2017. In March, the “Unforgettable” rapper opened a new hospital in Uganda that will serve 300,000 patients.