There’s a new film in town and it’s called Tag. The Jeff Tomsic-directed flick is based on a true story revolving around a real-life game amongst five best friends “caught in a seemingly never-ending mission to continue their longstanding game.” The motion picture stars Hannibal Buress, Jeremy Renner, Jake Johnson, and Jon Hamm.

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The story made national headlines once The Wall Street Journal published the article in 2013, titled “It Takes Caution, Planning to Avoid Being It.”

During a press day in Los Angeles, California, the group of friends named their hiding place of choice during a game of tag. Ed Helms told VIBE, “I think a good place to hide would be in your car because you can lock it.”


During the talk about Tag, Buress expressed his disapproval for Kanye West’s controversial words on TMZ, “You can’t be saying slavery is a choice. I listened to his new album, but I didn’t listen to it with the same enthusiasm. And even the songs I liked, I didn’t want to repeat them. Like I would on Graduation.”

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