On [Friday] June 29, Titus released his much anticipated EP 404 Not Found. After a rough 2017, his spirit is in a much better place and he is excited to show his fans the product of all of the anticipation.

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The New Jersey native has been working on his sound and releasing music non- stop since 2015. His urban- pop sound caused quite a stir in the EDM community and he is bringing that same energy into the hip- hop world. As Titus’ sound continues to evolve, he has delved deeper into a more spacey sound with his personal fusion of hip-hop, trap, and dance music. The evolution in his music is clear as 404 Not Found hits the hardest with striking hi-hats, heavy bounce, and musicality.

404 Not Found is one of Titus’ most personal projects as he explains that he was dealing with depression during his creative process. “Songs like ‘Free my Mind,’ sort of describe the depression I was dealing with at the time,” says Titus. “That depression worsened when the hard drive, where countless unreleased sessions were stored on, crashed. I felt that people (and other artists, specifically) could relate to that type of loss. Luckily, I had the best songs backed up on cloud storage and now I’m releasing them to the  world as ‘404.Not.Found.’”


Most of 404 Not Found was produced by two of the most surefire music producers: Myles William who has production credits with Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, etc. and Mister Neek who has worked with Fabolous, Mac Miller, GoldLink, and more. Titus has garnered over 120,000 streams on Soundcloud alone, but has a long history of super bangers and trippy videos! 404 Not Found is no exception!

Listen on the way to work, during your mid- day workouts, or while you’re cleaning your house, but either way, its a GREAT LISTEN so make sure you check out 404 Not Found now available for streaming and download on all streaming platforms.

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