On Tuesday (July 3), a recording featuring the lawyer representing Judge Genece Brinkley leaked where he is heard telling her that she was wrong for not granting Meek Mill a new trial, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. The recording is from an interview attorney A. Charles Peruto Jr. did with Amazon about the Philadelphia prison system. Peruto even went on to say he would have granted Mill a new trial if he were in the position as the judge for the case.

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The Philly attorney’s words were captured after his interview while he heedlessly spoke into the microphone about the matter with Brinkley. And, unknown to his knowledge, the record button was still rolling. He was even heard saying how unpleasant the judge appears in the Meek Mill case saying, “She looks f*cking awful.” The Inquirer and Daily News received the tape after it was reportedly leaked by a Meek Mill supporter. Peruto denies making the comments and claims he has been “consistent” with his defense of the judge despite what is shown on tape. He states he can only be held responsible for “on-the-record” statements and not “off-the-record” captures. In this case, only the statements he made in the Amazon documentary can be used. “If I said something off the record, it should not be on the transcript,” Peruto said.

The interview was done on May 30, the same day Supervising Common Pleas Judge Leon Tucker denied the Philly emcee’s attorneys request to have Brinkley released from his case. Almost one month later, judge Brinkley denied him the chance to have his conviction overturned by a new trial and also penned a 47-page opinion where she details her reason behind the denial. She claims there was a “lack of investigation” by the Defense Association when it came to the accusations imposed on Mill’s arresting officer Reginald Graham. Brinkley deemed the act as having “credibility problems” and likened the system of the DA’s review to slavery. “The institution of slavery persisted in this country for over 300 years,” she wrote. “The continuation of these practices depended on the complicity of those who had the power to change it and believed that the practice was beyond reproach due to the longevity.”


The Amazon documentary is also in collaboration with Roc Nation, Meek’s management company and appears to indefinitely touch base on the case of Meek Mill.