It’s a well-known fact that 50 Cent is not one to hold his tongue. Whether it’s his very own personal business or the business of his industry peers, we can always count on 50 to give it to us straight with no restraints. During an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, 50 expressed his thoughts on Jay-Z and Beyonce’s joint album, Everything Is Love, being released the same weekend as Nas’ highly anticipated album, NASIR, stating “That was f*cked up what they did to Nas — I know what you did to Nas, Jay. That’s f*cked up nigga!”

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Referring to Jay Z and Nas’ infamous 90s beef, 50 stated: “This nigga  [Jay Z] still slapping him [Nas] without everybody noticing what’s going on.”

50 went on to admit that he hasn’t heard any tracks off Nas’ new album insinuating that it might’ve actually been a good release tactic on Jay Z and Beyonce’s behalf regardless if people noticed it or not. When it comes to hard facts rather than opinions, NASIR debuted at No. 4 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts while Everything is Love debuted at No. 1. So maybe 50 Cent has a point.