Although Big Sean postponed his Unfriendly Reminder Tour back in February the Detroit rapper is still hard at work in what seems to be more than just music. Big Sean took to Twitter early this week to announce his new Executive Producer credits for a new documentary titled Detroit: Comeback City.

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Detroit: Comeback City aired Sunday, July 1st on The History Channel. The documentary characterizes the historic rise of Detroit growing to once be the 4th largest city to it’s even more historic fall due to the auto industry decline, urban decay, and eventually filing the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history.

It only took four months to make the Comeback City documentary in which the start of production coincided with the timing of Ford buying and redeveloping Michigan’s Central Station in Detroit’s Corktown community. This Ford purchase has been being considered the centerpiece of Detroit’s comeback, in which the documentary will be used as the vehicle for the impact of Ford’s purchase and Detroit’s rebirth to be seen by a world audience. Congratulations to Big Sean for not only adding Executive Producer to his many titles but for choosing a documentary with purpose with hopes of shining a more positive light on his hometown of Detroit.