Cardi B is not letting her pregnancy stop her from taking care of business. The Invasion of Privacy rapper is suing her ex-manager for over $15 million citing that he was overbearing in regards to her career and personal life, specifically with her dating Offset.

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TMZ details Cardi’s ex-manager is named Shaft and he is suing the rap star for $10 million up front. The countersuit lists Shaft received a 20% commission and tried to take advantage of her Sony music publishing deal by demanding that he received 50% of revenue.

Beyond the money, Shaft also tried to control everything Cardi did, including “barriers between her and people close to her in an effort to maintain complete control over her.” The control extended to who she chose to date.


Aside from the money and court battle, Cardi B is celebrating achievement as she is the first female rapper to have two songs top the Billboard Hot 100. Her success isn’t limited to chart success, she also is pretty good at getting her husband out of tickets via Facetime. Read more about that here.