Donald Glover will have a trip to court as his record label accuses him of misleading them in revenue from streaming numbers. The label has sued Glover, known musically as Childish Gambino, stating he has left them out of money that comes from streaming royalties.

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Glassnote Entertainment Group filed a lawsuit stating the royalties that Glover collected and didn’t let the label know about was in excess of $700,000. TMZ shares Glassnote claims they have paid Glover nearly $8 million already and he has two more million lined up to receive over the next three months. The lawsuit also includes details over a request from Glover to the label for support in streaming royalty disputes that equate an additional $1.5 million.

Glassnote has contributed support to each of Glover’s fan favorites, including the recent Awaken, My Love!


Away from the courtroom, Childish Gambino is enjoying the success of his critically acclaimed single and video “This is America,” which has been certified platinum and was his first number one single. He also made a quick trip through Chicago to perform for students at the request of Chance the Rapper.