Police are reportedly launching an investigation into whether or not police used excessive force while arresting a teenage Black male in Philadelphia. The 14-year-old boy who was unarmed was allegedly collecting money outside of the Philadelphia Zoo when police were called and the boy was taken into custody. The official citation by police was for disorderly conduct. Zoo officials claim that the solicitation has been a constant problem for them.

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Cell phone video shows multiple police officers on top of the young teen while executing the arrest, actions that many have said were overly aggressive. Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrow gave a statement to reporters on the matter.

“We’re looking at all of that, whether the issuance was proper, whether the control holds were proper, and the entirety,” Kinebrow said.


Hans Menos of the Police Advisory Commission also commented on the matter saying, “I don’t have enough information to say this wasn’t handled perfectly. I don’t believe it was.”

In the video, a White officer is seen on top of the boy while another officer stands close by letting the officer restrain the boy. A man is heard screaming “I’m sick of this bull—” from behind the camera likely referring to the constant attack on Black men and women by police.

Philadelphia recently went through a similar incident where two Black men were arrested at a Starbucks for sitting in the store and not making a purchase, a policy that has since been reversed by the company.

The men who were arrested at Starbucks received a symbolic payment of $1 while reaching an agreement with the city to fund more start-up businesses in Philadelphia.

An ABC report says that Zoo officials plan to meet with citizens who are concerned about the incident.