The fourth of July may have ended days ago but you can still see lingering sparks in a neighborhood near you. This is because Roman candles are turning neighborhoods into war zones across America.

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If you didn’t know, A Roman candle is a traditional type of firework that ejects one or more stars or exploding shells and come in a variety of sizes. Instead of pointing them at the sky, children, teens and young adults are pointing them at each other. Resulting in all-out warfare.

Although it may seem like fun dodging brightly colored, burning projectiles this form of neighborhood warfare is dangerous and can have dire consequences. Keep in mind, once fired, there is no way to stop it or slow it down. It essentially becomes like a bullet. In a video posted below someone take a direct hit to the face.


Most recently a Brooklyn woman was caught on camera while firing a Roman candle in the middle of an intersection near a local bodega. Crowds of people run for cover as sparks ricochet off the wall while oncoming traffic narrowly avoids hitting the woman.

Back in 2015, a video from Roman candle war in Chicago went viral showing just how chaotic these battles can be.

Its all fun and games until someone is sitting in a hospital. Please if you have fireworks left, aim at the sky and not at other people. It almost seems unnecessary to say this but given the growing trend, we encourage readers to use fireworks safely.

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