Reports from Los Angeles UCLA basketball star and former NBA player Tyler Honeycutt is dead at age 27 after firing a gun at police officers Friday night. KABC-TV in LA report local authorities were called a Sherman Oaks home by Honeycutt’s Mother who claimed he was “acting erratically.”

Upon arrival of the officers, Honeycutt fired at them then barricaded himself inside the home. Once a SWAT team entered the residence Honeycutt was found dead.

“SWAT entered the residence and located an unresponsive male,” per the Los Angeles Police Department. “LAFD responded and pronounced the male dead at [the] scene. Investigators from our Force Investigation Division are at [the] scene conducting a thorough investigation, and we will provide more details as they become available.”

The death was believed to be from a self-inflicted gun shot. Honeycutt played at UCLA during the 2009-11 seasons and was drafted 35th overall by the Kings in 2011 draft.