Maybe Johnny Depp was just feeling the Brooklyn spirit and wilded out by accident.

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Ether way, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star is being sued by location manager Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, who was hired for the film City Of Lies, a movie about the murder of Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. In the movie, Depp plays LAPD Detective Russell Poole, the honest officer who continued to investigate the killing years after its occurrence.

Brooks says that the famed actor hired two of his friends for a scene in the flick in April of last year. When the scene didn’t go as planned, Rocky went to tell Depp that putting his friends in this particular scene in downtown Los Angeles may not work.


Brooks knew Depp for his bad temper, so he called on an officer for back up just in case Depp didn’t react to the news well, the location manager claimed in the lawsuit. Before the officer could arrive on the scene, Brooks alleges that Depp punched him in the midsection then screamed, “I’ll give you $100K to punch me in the face right now.”

Brooks says that the Blow actor’s breath reeked of alcohol.

The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount in punitive damages.