We’re just a week away from the 2018 MLB All-Star game in Washington D.C., and adidas is using their baseball department to release a footwear set that shows love for both the sport and the city’s rich culture in general.

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The “Nations Pack” decks out the adiZero Afterburner cleat and the Icon Trainer silhouette in a print that utilizes 18 flags from across the globe — Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Puerto Rico being some of the key ones you notice off the rip. The tongues on the Afterburner cleat and the Trainer both have contrasting colorways, with red on the left shoe and blue incorporated on the right. The mixed pattern is literally a symbol that represents a need for a mix of various cultures within the baseball community, something that should be adapted throughout all sports realms if we’re being honest.

Peep the footwear from the adidas Baseball ‘Nations Pack’ below, and be sure to tune into the MLB All-Star Game next Tuesday (July 17), broadcasting live from Washington, D.C.