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Jim Jones was on an ongoing JetBlue trip to Texas when he got into a disagreement with the plane’s captain.

As per a phone recording of the incident, Jones was nearly kicked off the airplane after he was blamed for being resistant. In the clasp, the Dipset rapper—who was booked to perform in Austin with The Diplomats on July 6 — requests a manager and is welcomed by the commander who says he’s “not doing too good.”

“I’m not feeling too good either ’cause I’m getting profiled,” Jones replies. “What did I do wrong captain? I take JetBlue every other day. I never have a problem with JetBlue. This is the only flight I take. I’m sitting there and the lady asks me to take out the pamphlet. I took out the pamphlet.”

Following a concise contention, the commander offers Jones a seat and he acknowledges.


Jones isn’t exactly having an unwinding summer. A month ago, he was arrested in Atlanta on firearm and drug charges after the individual he was riding with chose to take police on a high-speed chase.

The 41-year-old was accused of numerous lawful offenses, including ownership of a stolen weapon, ownership of a gun amid commission of a wrongdoing and ownership of opiates. He also got hit with a misdemeanor for not having prescribed pills in its original container.