Mary J Blige the jewelry mogul?  Blige is developing a jewelry line with a long-time friend, Simone Smith, wife of LL Cool J called Sister Love.

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With the release of their debut accessory, the ‘Queen Hoops Earrings,’ at this past weekend’s Essence Festival, the one-of-a-kind big hoop earring sold out at the event.

Limited quantities of the ‘Queen Hoop Earrings’ ($199) are now available for purchase at


“What made me want to work with Simone has she already created an amazingly successful jewelry line and all the pieces are things that I love, and she also has an amazing fashion sense,” says Mary J. Blige. “I wanted to add to that by sharing some of my fashion sense with her and creating some things I dream about and I know other women are dreaming about.”

Sister Love is a jewelry line inspired by the friendship of Simone I. Smith and Mary J. Blige,” reads the statement message. “It’s a collection of designs that symbolizes strength, edge, style, and sassiness made in their support for each other and their love of statement pieces.”

For more information, follow Sister Love on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @sisterlovemjb.