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Quentin Tarantino has a major problem with the pending sale of The Weinstein Company because he’s still owed over $4 million in unpaid royalties for his iconic movies.

Tarantino has just filed an objection in the bankruptcy case for the now-defunct production company.

The director wants to halt the approval of the sale between TWC and Lantern Entertainment until he’s paid for work on the following films: Grindhouse / Death Proof, Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained and Hateful Eight

All in all, Tarantino says he’s owed $4.3 million.


Last week, The Weinstein Company reached an agreement with Lantern Entertainment to reduce the sale price of the company from $310 million to $287 million. The two companies will meet in bankruptcy court this week to seek a final approval on the sale.

The Pulp Fiction director says he’s been trying to work with both TWC and Lantern for months, but claims they have not been receptive.

Tarantino believes the pending sale is “highly prejudicial” and that his films have been held hostage while TWC still collects money for his films.

He’s demanding his cash and all the accounting records for all the work he’s done with TWC. The judge in the case has not yet approved the sale between the two companies.