Last month the Hip-Hop community praised Desus and Mero for making a huge move in taking their hit show to Showtime for a weekly late night show that will kick off in 2019. The show will be coming over from VICELAND who pulled the plug two months early with the announcement of their new venture.

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Bossip caught up with Desus and Mero after they visited Atlanta for their live show and Desus let the verbal chopper ring in regards to their former network and shedding light on how their relationship ended.

“Can I just be messy off the rip right now?” Desus began. “Vice has us for 2 more months….we did not leave Vice, Vice ended our contract. They were in their feelings because we were leaving.”


Desus didn’t leave it there and went on to say “We could still be doing the show, and it bothers me because now people are tagging us like ‘do this, do this, what would your reactions be for this?’  and I’m like, ‘yo wow, what would my reaction be?’”

The popular duo became a staple of the late night scene during their time on VICELAND. Desus disclosed the network wanted 160 episodes per year but did not have the access of writers.

“We were carrying that network on our back, and we felt the weight,” Desus continued. “They were talking about, ‘do not take the weeks off because we don’t get ratings,’ and it’s like, yo, we’re just two people.”

Mero chimed in stating “we were literally the LeBron of that network” and sharing that the obligations made it next to impossible to have a life outside of work. “As a dad, you wanna be around for milestones for like graduations, birthdays…and it’s obnoxious to have to be like, ‘I can’t go to my kid’s graduation because we leave the studio at 3 o’clock and the graduation is at 4.’”

The move for Desus & Mero to Showtime will provide them with a bigger budget and ultimately more content and great moments for their fans.

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