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Not too long ago there was a buzz and support for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to leave Hollywood and to challenge Donald Trump for President of the United States in 2020. Currently, the movie megastar is promoting his new film Skyscraper and let fans know with the race just two years away there won’t be enough time for him to be prepared and be a worthy candidate.

“Unfortunately I don’t see it happening in 2020,” Johnson shared with Vanity Fair. “It’s a position that requires years of hard work and experience to learn the skills. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and due to my schedule, it’s not possible in 2020.”

Back in 2017 The Rock also told Variety that he would consider the run for President but the year of 2024 was a more realistic option. So don’t count the Rock out of bringing the People’s Elbow to the Nation’s capital, keep him on the list with the rest of the potential celebrities who can take the office like Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey.

The Rock also stated that he has respect for the position and needs to learn more before making the run. In meantime, the Rock has a stacked schedule of films on the way. Skyscraper is currently his last film to release in 2018 before he returns next year with Fighting with My Family, Hobbs & Shaw and Jungle Cruise.


With that type of money coming in would you leave Hollywood for the Oval Office?