When it comes to internet tolling, 50 Cent is definitely one of the best. Despite going after many online, Fif has once again set his sites on his longtime friend Floyd Mayweather for his reading skills.

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On a touching Instagram post that Mayweather posted about his son’s high school graduation, the boxing champ congratulates his son for accomplishing something that he was unable to do.

“I’m so proud of my son for doing something that I didn’t do, and that’s graduate high school. When I was his age I dropped out of school and followed my dream of boxing to take my family out of poverty”- Floyd Mayweather ?? Jr(50-0, 27 KO’s).”


Unable to let a petty moment pass, 50 decided to throw a light jab letting Mayweather know that despite the plethora of others who have caught his wrath, he hasn’t decided to stop trolling the one who started it all just yet. The insult came after the POWER star advised Mayweather that his son can “read whatever you need him to.”

The longtime online troll session between the two is nothing new. In 2014, 50 challenged Floyd to read a page from a Harry Potter book. The undefeated champ responded by posting a picture of some very large checks, with the caption,”Read this $72,276,000.00. God bless.”

Floyd isn’t the only one 50 Cent has sent shots at this week. As previously reported, Papoose and 50 traded shots online after 50 commented under one of Remy Ma’s Instagram posts.

Over the weekend, 50 Cent jumped in Remy’s comments to weigh in on a recent photo she posted, with the sly comment, “Damn Remy you lost mad weight, hey slim.”

Papoose quickly fired back by bringing Daphne Joy, the mother of one of 50’s children, into the meleé.

“Damn, Daphne Joy no wedding yet? If 50 Cent doesn’t marry you…I’ll introduce you to my homeboy. He’s more mature.