British law enforcement and other authorities have done their best to curtail the rise of the UK’s drill rap scene. Back in May, they requested YouTube remove 30 videos from the website due to the incitement of violence.

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While YouTube did comply with the request, drill rap is staying alive in the UK as videos have resurfaced on PornHub.

According to the Daily Mail, popular videos like 1011’s “No Hook” and 410’s “Sparkz” are available on the adult website. Surprisingly, You can also find Tim Westwood interviews featuring drill rappers. They have been on the site for over a month. PornHub is no stranger to hosting music content. In fact, they assisted Waka Flocka in his “Bust” video.


Still, no one knows if the uploads are official. Nonetheless, authorities maintain that this form of music is responsible for the uptick in gang violence throughout the UK. Mike West of the Metropolitan Police told BBC News, “what looks like a music video can actually contain explicit language with gangs threatening each other.”

Wanting to apply pressure, 1011 has been banned from making or performing music without a court order. Furthermore, the group must notify the police 24 hours before releasing new videos and 48 hours before performances which police must be present for.

The intense scrutiny began in November 2017 after all five members were charged with conspiracy to commit violent disorder. They admitted to the charge in court.

Some would argue drill rap has been unfairly censored but you can find some of the most popular songs on the most popular uncensored site.