Who knew that DJs had beef too?

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Legendary DJ Kid Capri made it quite clear that two of the biggest DJs in the Big Apple have had their undercover static for years and he explains why.

Appearing on The Breakfast Club, Kid Capri explained why Funkmaster Flex led him into this beef, and how he feels his contemporary is doing wrong by Hip-Hop culture. At the 6:45 mark, Capri begins:


“Let me take it back a little: for years, I sit there and I watch things. I see it all; I always stay in one lane. I’m gonna be very honest with you: the DJ [arena] is very corny to me. It’s not corny to me, because I stay in my lane and I watch what I’m doin’. But if you [look] on the whole, anybody can grab a computer, some MP3s, and call themselves a DJ. They slap their name on somethin’, and they’re out. So it’s always been kinda corny. But there’s always been this competition-type thing in the city with me and a lot of DJs. I felt that with [Funkmaster] Flex every time. We were always cool—talk, whatever. But I always felt like there was that certain competition there. Be that as it may, it really don’t matter. The years went by and I started seeing him disrespect kids—just doin’ certain things that, where his platform, as strong as it is, he could go a different way and be a king.”

With that sentiment in mind, the two recently clashed:

“Somebody had hit me and said, ‘Go to Flex’s [social media], he’s goin’ at you—something about “corny dudes trying to rewrite history, but I was there.”‘ So before I reacted, I went and looked at it. Then I [contacted] Flex, and I said, ‘Flex, who was you talkin’ about when you said ‘corny dudes tryin’ to rewrite history?’ You know me; I’m humble about it. He hit me back [and] instead of being humble, he said, ‘Yo fam, why you askin’ me what’s on my [timeline]. I ain’t gotta answer to you.’ I still didn’t react.”

According to Kid, the history in question pertained to the evolution of the mixtape and DJ’ing.