Ski Mask The Slump God and Juice WRLD have undergone a lot over the past few weeks with the loss of their friend and collaborator XXXTentacion. Although the two friends acknowledge that the show must go on, they opened up about how they cope with the battle with depression.

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During an interview with Montreality, Ski Mask and Juice open up with their belief in the power of the law of attraction and speaking things into existence.

“I believe in the law of attraction and speaking things into existence,” Ski Mask said. “I manifested myself here and I am pretty sure you manifested yourself here too. I believe in speaking things into existence, thinking things into existence, like how big is your goals.”


The two rappers also touched on overcoming heartbreak, stating the age-old adage of “time heals all wounds”, holds true to them, along with distractions.

“Time is what helps heal a broken heart, time and distractions,” Ski Mask said. “You have to fully go through it the hard way, you can’t numb it.”

“But always remember after the time has passed and it doesn’t hurt anymore, you will still have the memory of how you were treated,” Juice WRLD added. “You can’t numb it, you can’t fake it away you have to allow yourself time to process and get over it.”

But it wasn’t all about emotions, the two new school rappers discuss X’s former rival Drake, revealing that they feel he’s not only important to the culture of Hip-Hop but also a gatekeeper.

“I was listening to Thank Me Later the other day, I related to most of the sh*t he was talking about. Drake has a lot to do with the culture. The rap game an Abyss and Drake is the Gatekeeper.”

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